Posted by: Nisarg | June 22, 2007


Its not only about your boss/company/friends control you, this is something more about time or say calendar or say events controlling our life. We run in this competitive world in the direction where everyone is running. We don’t have control over self…as someone is running…I must run on same path… huh?Life is bound by our calendar organizer and emails having no control on it.

We are the authority in our life, nobody thinks in our mind. We are the center that watches and runs the show that can choose which way it will go. Don’t let someone else control you.

A machine works very hard and works continuously in a very systematic, precise, mathematically operated manner, but the machine does not know that it is working in that way.Think! Are we living our life the way stereotyped machines works in fixed measurable environment with some fix standards?

Re-create yourself !

Have a fun day everyday!

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