Posted by: Nisarg | December 13, 2007


LifeMantra Learnings initiative was started six months back to nurture life of most privilaged citizens of India using ancient knowledge, wisdom and well known sentences uttered by great personals of this part of universe, and I hope it is really helping readers to make life beautiful, joyful and fun filled.

Actions are always mightier then words and therefore Team of LifeMantra Learnings has decided to put thoughts into actions by innovative ideas and initiatives.

When we are reading this mail/post on blog, keep in mind that not everyone in our country India is privileged to have basic Education at least.

Are you ready to spend your time, energy or fund( If you are out of country) for those children lacking resources?

There are already many hands working for this task and we would like to join them to give momentum.

Lets put one step forward to see dream into reality where Indians are not living for only bread n butter but for higher purpose of achievements, progress and developed land.

Idea is to contribute time for fellow Indian citizens,

Ignore if you think this is crap and least priority thing you want to do in life.

Reply back to with your comments, ideas and possible effective activities for mass/rural/slum education if you think it is need of the now.

Remember, While we teach, we learn.

Send your reply mail  to


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