Posted by: Nisarg | January 30, 2008




  1. Fighters… The BEST MEN ever to walk on this planet. There are bunch of people who fall into these categories. If the readers dont mind, then please discuss their names and achievements here. Everyone will gain something. suggestions are encouraged. And also would like to take Nisarg’s approval here.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Excellent Idea Deepan, No approval needed..this is the place to discuss such things..keep going

    Lets start sharing life and learn from live examples!

  3. True. It is not all about skill but it is all about how long you can fight, how long you can try and how truly you can try. We had story of ‘VARADRAJ’ (It was in text book of hindi) .

  4. Thanks for the replies. Vishal Bhai, can you share it here? It would be nice to have a thought from someone who has read that book.. I cannot wait to hear the thoughts on ” FIGHTER ” .

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