Posted by: Nisarg | March 2, 2008

Friends: Networked Nervous System

Friends: Networked Nervous System

“Helping hand for Central Nervous System”



5:00 AM, Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, India

“Nisarg! …….. !”

Before The word “Sunrise” vibrates near my eardrum and messages being transmitted to auditory nerves which send active spikes to auditory cortex and actual word processing begins, I was able to infer an idea that my best friend wants me to turn around and observe picturesque sunrise over the Mount Kangchenjunga range..and I did the same..observed the Sunrise. Amazing! right? We go through such experiences quite often when our nervous system understand messages before they actually are transmitted by our near and dear ones. This happens when we have thoughts proximity with class of human called FRIENDS( Here FRIEND represent any intimate and selfless relation. Don’t narrow down the word FRIEND.).

We can infer expressions and feel the meanings before actual wordly conversation. Its like we have two nervous systems in placed and working. One is our own central nervous system and the other one is a networked nervous system created and grown by best friends.


Nothing has been thought in exaggeration. We @ Life Mantra put
friends at the level of nervous system. We have friends because we
have something in common with them. We share thoughts, convictions,
tastes, activities and emotions with short, we share our life with friends. More than sharing..we become one live ecosystem.

To live, it is necessary to nurture brain and friends.

Wish you Happy Relations and Healthy Brain!

(More to come about how to nurture CNS and NNS.)






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