Posted by: Nisarg | March 14, 2008


About Boredom? Boring subject! End it…naah burn it forever..

My reason to perform depth ploughing on a boring subject is pretty simple, I felt boredom for a while even though I believed that I do everything with interest.And after a week long cerebration with self and subjects..I came to realize that there is decipherable difference between having Interest in something/someone and having used intellect for something/someone. Only interest won’t work, without intellect, we surely invite boredom and interest fades away soon.

Boredom – an uneasy, tedious and fatigue feeling which has power to destroy your intellect temporarily.

Ooops! I do not want to go in jargoned definitions of boredom and bore you 🙂 but surely want jot down short note on observations related to boredom.

I deeply feel that there is lots of learning from children. By just observing them and re-adapting some of our qualities lost over the period of time, we can surely regain the learning and lively state of mind.

Observe Toddlers around you, who have just started taking small steps, learning new words and emotions (mainly laugh i.e. Joy). Do you think they are bored? Naah..They can not feel so because they have nearly unlimited curiosity to canvas a world that is still new to them. We fill bored because world is no more new to us, we do not respect power of intellect who has unlimited curiosity to create new horizons and reach there. In the world of unlimited resources, we make our intellect limited and invite boredom to work 24×7.  

Conclusion is simpler than the question I asked to self..

Paint world around us with unlimited colors of curiosity to make it more meaningful, beautiful and of course joyful.

Have fun dosto (friends)!

(Oh yeah! Be sensitive enough to detect boring moments sooner than you loose precious time in wasteful hours!.)




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