Posted by: Nisarg | March 28, 2008

The Slave Way

I think, Slaves in ancient history were luckiest of all! Among the ruins of fire and brimstones, with river of sweat,  they were surely aware of  their lost identity  and  about a chance for mind and matter to raise own self out of drudgery and make glorious life on earth. So, there was way of come out of it and they actually did!

But, I pity modern day slaves who in their air conditioned cubicle are not able to identify  that what they live is nothing but a sophisticated slavery and there is much better way of living out of 4×4 cubicle.

In past, you become slave because someone dominates you, your thoughts.

In present, we ourselves make life slavish. How? look at in your daily routine mirror.

We work 15 hrs a day but never spend 15 hrs/month in sports, hiking, art.

We take minimum vacation to assure that our work does not suffer.

We work in evenings and miss beautiful sunset.

We work late night ( work? sometimes “time pass” to reduce stress) and miss sunrise, flowers and soothing breeze of early morning.

We arrange corporate dinner but never sit with parents or children for dinner daily.

And we repeat this everyday under the control of almighty called “TIME”  with fix schedules, reminders and same patterns of emails.

Recurrence of repetitions A sophisticated slavery.Which goes on..

It would be great if we feel that there is life out of reminders, alerts, emails, IMs, work, business meetings.

Wealth generation is necessity of life but don’t make it absolute shit of the life that you work for it like a slave, there is life out of it.

Escape from cubicle lifestyle! Have a great day!



  1. In Lion King 1 1/2, Timon asks his mother, “what we do is dig, so that we can hide and hide and dig…”. That’s the kind of life we are following (i haven’t used the word ‘leading’ for life, intentionally). The most surprising thing is, why nobody realizes this. When somebody says proudly, “I have worked here for 35 years” the question my mind asks me is whether it was worth it?

    If we too, come into existence, evolve, regenerate and feed, decay & die, we are just leading the life of a dog, may be at a more ‘sophisticated’ level.

    “Even if you come first in the rat race, you are still a rat.”

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