Posted by: Nisarg | April 3, 2008

The Survival game

See, if tiny ant in its struggle can attract photographer to click above picture then I bet, we certainly will reach at peak if struggle is genuine and involved with mighty efforts.

Remember, we all are part of survival game, be a champion, accept the reality and resist unimagined time and situation till last breath ( Of course only if it is envisioned path and Yeah! for that we need to dream first 🙂 ) If it is hurdle for the path you envisioned for self, march on and stay on track, there is always light across the wall.

At least, don’t be feeble minded insect whose birth and death is never get noticed.

Have a nice day! Stay on track!



  1. Thats how the fittest survive and the best of the best reach the pinnacle of success!

    Great Post!

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