Posted by: Nisarg | May 5, 2008

Robot Love

I know, cruel postulation that I got this morning but you can not deny possibilities of this future too by considering our current society state.

Humans exit because we have emotions, positive or negative, love or fear, selfish or selfless.

Now, this is bound to happen when every one of us will have relation with purpose. Relation based on personal motives. Relations, in which, I use you to climb the ladder and you use me to climb the ladder. On the same token with self-interested relations, we have started falling in love with Gizmos. We spend more time with cell phones, computer, and cars and so on but we forget that quantity called ‘TIME’ is limited and it progresses on its own, it doesn’t wait for us, more time we spend with gizmos, less time we spend with actual humans (including all – parents, relatives, and friends). If this goes on with same pace, don’t get surprised if you see majority of us fall in love with Robots in 2012 because even with limited programmed emotions, robot will be able to understand (serve) you selflessly (Just a simulation as robots will love because they are meant for it) in the jungle of self-centered relations.

Wish you endless unconditional relations for lifetime!


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