Posted by: niraj000 | May 26, 2008

Block building

Each one of us has some or other mental block. The block which stops the person from thinking in certain direction, from acting in certain manner, from moving ahead!

“I would love to top; but Maths is just beyond my brains!”
“I just can’t control my temper in such condition!”
“I love to go to movies; but I don’t have time!”
“I want to be happy; but the world is too cruel!”

Think for 3 minutes and you would have a small list of your personal self -nurtured blocks. These blocks prevent you from being what you like to do, what you desire to be.
Just try to push the block a little, and you will start building a structure of your limitless and self achieved happiness.

A childhood story:

Several deers were brought from jungle to zoo and kept into fence. They tried hard to break the fence for days but failed and lost courage. Then they begun to adjust within the fence and didn’t bother to come even near to the fence. On one sunny day, the fence was removed. Everyone expected the deers to run away. But they didn’t… The fence built in their mind was much stronger now!!!

~ Story credits: Mohammad Mankad

Aren’t we slightly more intelligent than deers?



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