Posted by: Nisarg | August 7, 2008

Need for the warrior

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The morale of soldiers comes from three things: a feeling that they have an important job to do, a feeling that they are trained to do it well, and a feeling that their good work is appreciated and respected.

I wish all civilians had this privilege!

~ ääRÐëë .

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  1. A beautiful thought…!!!
    Just wanted to add one more on this which i thought will make other readers think on it…!!!
    “To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.”

  2. Actually, if we think of it, we do have that privilege. We do have an important job to do in our lives. If we search deep into ourselves, we would surely realize what it is. Training ourselves for performing that job well is up to our own efforts. And an important job well done is always appreciated and respected.

  3. Thank you for beautiful quote Anand, I completely agree with you.

    Some of us have this privilege. Those who do, are fighters in spirit, I wish ALL of us had what some of us realize, that the enthusiasm we need to excel in what we do comes from these 3 basic principles in addition to other factors. Some of us who sit back and ponder over life and where it takes us, realize that there is more to life than going with the flow, we discover that we can steer ourselves in spite of the current! This is self-realization compared to the instructed, guided, and subconscious confidence which is achieved by the Elite Special Forces in their training. I wish ALL civilians had this insight instead of some of us.

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