Posted by: Nisarg | August 14, 2008

Independence : Tryst’s Outcome

As our national flags are lowered at sunset at the border, this quote resounds in my mind. Hope we understand this basic fact and use our energy in productive activities.

~ ääRÐëë



  1. My mind is just wondering “ARE WE STILL FREE?”. I cannot glance at the meaning of the work “FREEDOM”.
    -What does FREEDOM means?
    -What does DEMOCRACY means?
    -Why we are still a DEVELOPING NATION?
    -Who is the effective LEADER of this country?
    -Whom can we trust and rely?
    -What is the Action Steps for becoming a really a FREEDOM Nation?

    For me, its nothing more than a national holiday. So we dont need to fly in a air for becoming a patriotic for becoming a freedom nation. We are still getting paid from foreign countries.

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