Posted by: Nisarg | October 8, 2008

Creative Chaos

Universe within for Universe beyond

Chaos is the complexity of causality or the relationship between events. This means that any ‘seemingly’ insignificant event in the universe has the potential to trigger a chain reaction that will change the whole system. A well known saying in connection with this issue is “A butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can cause a hurricane on the other side of the earth.” [Wikipedia]

Same chaos (series of events, loosely connected) within human mind is responsible for life transforming creations in known history. Journey from Fire to Firefox(Internet) with greatest discoveries like fire, language, wheel to printing press, penicillin and Firefox (Internet) on the way is outcome of creative chaos we all have within, an urge for life, a desire for best of the best, a dream for better future : that’s what keep giving us new way of living.

What next?

Who knows, may be new dancing stars of universe (necessity if planet earth faces abnormal death) or may be nothing.



  1. Thanks for the contact. Looking forward to draw inspiration.

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