Posted by: Nisarg | January 29, 2009

Young Nation

A youth died of extreme aging at 25

It is rightly said that:”A brilliant intellect in a sickly body or wicked intellect in healthy body is like gold in a spent swimmer’s pocket.”
Youth is more a state of mind than a state of body. Bhishma was young at the age of 186 when he led the Kaurav army in the battle of Kurukshetra. Physical vigor and fitness is important, but of no use unless it is backed by strong ideas and ideals, and applied to seemingly difficult pursuits.

It is more frequent chit chat in Social circle. My friend got heart attack at 25, blood pressure at 30 and died at 35.
Very soon, it will be considered as luxury for our generation to look young in young age. Nature takes note of all our transactions, physical, mental, or moral, and places every item promptly to our debit or credit. More Ambulance sirens speak in your city, more early you lose your near and dear ones.

Being young (or old) is a choice, conscious or unconscious.

Let us take a look at a page in Nature’s ledger:—

To damage to the heart in youth by immoderate athletics, tobacco chewing, cigarette smoking, drinking strong tea or coffee, rowing, running to trains, overstudy, excitement, etc. The “irritable heart,” the “tobacco heart,” a life of promise impaired or blighted.
To one digestive apparatus ruined, by eating hurriedly, by eating unsuitable or poorly cooked food, by drinking ice water when one is heated, by swallowing scalding drinks, especially tea, which forms tannic acid on the delicate lining of the stomach; or by eating when tired or worried, or after receiving bad news, when the gastric juice can not be secreted, etc. Dyspepsia, melancholia, years of misery to self, anxiety to one’s family, pity and disgust of friends.
To one nervous system shattered by dissipation, abuses, over-excitement, a fast life, feverish haste to get riches or fame, hastening puberty by stimulating food, exciting life, etc. Years of weakness, disappointed ambition, hopeless inefficiency, a burnt-out life.
To damage by undue mental exertion by burning the “midnight oil,” exhausting the brain cells faster than they can be renewed. Impaired powers of mind, softening of the brain, blighted hopes.
To overstraining the brain trying to lead his class in college, trying to take a prize, or to get ahead of somebody else. A disappointed ambition, a life of invalidism.
To hardening the delicate and sensitive gray matter of the brain and nerves, and ruining the lining membranes of the stomach and nervous system by alcohol, opium, etc. A hardened brain, a hardened conscience, a ruined home, Bright’s disease, fatty degeneration, nervous degeneration, a short, useless, wasted life.
By forced balances, here and there. Accounts closed. Physiological and moral bankruptcy.

Above table is from the book ” Pushing to the Front, chapter XLVI”


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