Posted by: Nisarg | March 5, 2009

Maternal instinct

Many mysteries a man will understand but to understand love, he has to experience mother’s love first.
Many achievements a woman will achieve but to understand fulfillment, she has to transform herself into mother.

Our world’s progress would not have been possible without woman’s maternal instinct and selfless love. Honor your mother as God. Give highest respect to women in society for their precious contributions to the world. Cherish maternal instinct on which life runs eternally.



  1. Communication between humans is responsible for the creation of growth
    At the individual level and at the level of development of society as a whole
    When the work of friends in the outside world
    Thus, you establish friendships in your procedure
    Within your mind, which always makes you alert of thought, conscience
    We are not closed systems with the same
    But we are created to be affected are those around us influence us by encouraging us
    Lecture, as well as us, and we also
    If people love inevitably feel comfortable and spontaneous when you are with them
    How beautiful communication

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