Posted by: Nisarg | April 16, 2009


Flowers are the allegoric ambassadors of Love (Peace, joy, innocence, divinity)

~ Robin Jani

Flowers are perfect visible and living symbols representing some of the fundamental feelings (Love, Joy, Bliss, and Peace) responsible for our existence. These fundamental feelings are now being understood by regulated objects. When we watch 2 imaginary characters indulged on screen, we realize “what is love?” When we read fictions, we come to know about “Joy” and “Bliss”. But between these regulated objects, we gradually lose learning from nature – the very pure form! We don’t feel excited when a tree wants to start a conversation, when a flower wants to sing a love song or when wind describes joyfulness.

With so much ’I’, we look at the nature and we never learn anything from flowers, trees, rivers and miss lifetime chances to sense love, peace, joy or divinity.

Go, sing with the flowers! Nurture them, grow up with them!

~ Trailblazer.



  1. Flowers are ambassador of love. It is not allergic ambassador. They speak directly from your heart

  2. Flowers can say more than thousand words. Nice post!

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