Posted by: Nisarg | April 23, 2009


Let no life lead you;

Lead life.

It’s a peak season to talk about leadership skills. Thousands of professionals undergo leadership skills every year by some leadership training programs, paying millions to so called management GURUS and yet this lacks for dynamic, powerful, warm hearted, people-centric selfless leader.

Can you pass below leadership test?

“The King, the doer of all good acts, is lovable, lord of all subjects and independent. It is the duty of man at the helm of affairs, to muster different forces for the protection of his body. It is the duty of the strong man, who is competent to give happiness to others, to attain to supremacy, and grant power to others.

It is the duty of an affluent person to nourish his family. It is the duty of a man heroic like a tiger, to be invincible by an enemy. He, who is powerful to subdue foes, powerful like a lion, should afford protection to his people, like the roof of the house.

He, who like a camel can take upon his shoulders this responsibility of managing the affairs of the State, should, like the Earth, take upon himself the burden of all enterprises.
It is the duty of a man, strong like an ox, to protect his subjects and treat all straightly and justly.
It is the duty of a person well known for his intellect and honour, to undertake projects that lie before him. (Ch.XIV; Sl. 9)

O people know that the head of the state should be sharp and brilliant like horns and brilliant like lightining. Like a horse marching on his path, the king should be the first lord of fire and gold. His feet should possess the velocity of mind. The members of his Cabinet should receive their maintenance allowance from him. (Ch.XXIX; Sl .20)
O king, quick like the air, just as I, internally pure, believing in progress, active and valorous, with nice store of knowledge, attend thy literary conclaves, so should thou ours! (Ch.XXXIII, Sl. 85)
-Yajur Ved

Idea: Rakesh Naredi

Image: Rahul Dev



  1. Hi, cool post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for blogging. I will probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good posts

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