Posted by: Nisarg | May 8, 2009

Tree’s cry

Trees Cry

Tree's Cry

This tree’s pain is hard to understand but you know we can’t pretend for long time that everything’s ok.
Tree’s pain is not at all pain of dying! (They are most generous in giving)
It is pain of not seeing new green generation around.
It is pain of watching more cement forests compare to green forests.
It is pain to see man’s unique insanity.

And this pain will surely become man’s suffering if we don’t understand the cry of cutting trees.

Feel. Think. Act.
At least, go and plant one tree!



  1. Thanks Good work
    Feel. Think. Act.
    At least, go and plant one tree!
    and take care of it as if it is your child.
    Vedic learning site is a very good work.
    Please remember that God is not in the heaven, he is right within you and working through you.
    please visit our following link.

  2. Kudos towards this noble cause.

    • One has to think seriously. We may have to show trees to our next generation only in the picture.
      To cut a tree hardly takes hours and to grow the trees it takes decades.
      Every one to join to save the trees which is natural gift to earth.
      Any one likes to join at bangalore to march on 5th jun to save tree camphin.
      Capt Bala

  3. I join this platform along with some one who can stop this attrocity,
    Sidevi and vikram capts children

  4. Kudos to you for bringing this to light. Many of us do realise this and feel and want to save trees from being put under the axe. But it will be appropriate and everyone of us should have the courage and should stand united for this cause. This has to be brought to the great wonderful politicians and Government in general who for their own selfish needs and for the need of their party name go felling trees and construct bridges and the scheme of expansion of roads. Does any one realise that during their journey if at all anything happens, do we have any shelter where we could rest for a while and proceed. One has to die. Its indeed pathetic to see the trees being cut. They help us but unmindful people fell these trees. Lets do something united, to prevent trees from being cut instead of sitting here just giving comments. Now is the time we should act if not now then when.

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