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Its been 2 years that LifeMantras is alive and running @ wordpress.com

Feel The Meaning…

LifeMantras is a communication channel. A platform to share and exchange thoughts, from you to us and from us to you. LifeMantras are one liners comprehensively woven by visuals. Words may have limitations and can be misunderstood as there is a high probability of misinterpretations. To overcome limitations of words, we use most common form of communication known as ‘Feelings’. Feelings are difficult to discover and even more difficult to express.

The trick here is to capture thoughts and feelings into images and pictures and represent profound truths discovered so far by human free will.

Mind requires thoughts as fuel to generate new ideas and to provide best services to us.

Start your day with a new mantra, understand it, ponder upon it and apply in your daily life for the betterment and a quality life.

It would be great if you can share your thoughts as well.

Have a great day every day!

-NJ & RJ

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  1. Great Initiative Nisarg. Thank you so much for spending time for this activity. My best wishes are always there with you. Keep it up.

    “Life is Beautiful, colourful & joyful..Enjoy it fullest”

    With Love,
    Robin Jani.

  2. Hi Buddy , Great work. Keep it up.I m happy that u are doing something which gives the greatness/satisfiction to your soul. And shows the way of living happy life to others.

    All the best for this initiative !!

    “Life is what you make it !!!”

    “A person only is responsible for this own decisions and One should not regret past decisions in Furture”

    Devang Shah

  3. hey brother!!!!! ur sentences and pictures give me energy like a cup of tea in the morning!!!!!!!!!! life is too short and we should enjoy its every moment with great energy, this energy is being provided by ur mails…..
    keep it up…
    keep smiling always as u r….
    n most imp… be in touch… n i m waiting for a surprise again….
    miss u dear….

  4. Hey Nisarg,

    It seems that you have made it a habit to take up new themes and creatively do something upon it… NetJungle and LifeMantras being great examples… Continue doin this… I hope i can contribute in someway to these thought processes that are faithfully yours in creation but are omnipresent and helpful for all who read…

    As S.Vivekananda rightly said, “What is the difference between you and the trees, you and the stones, you and the animals, if you do not do something WORTH for OTHERS TO REMEMBER in your LIFE… even the trees, stones, and animals come to existence, live their part and perish…” This is something that always drives me… And I hope it does to everyone…

  5. I think these one liners touch everyone’s heart, because even by being one liners they say a lot, and almost always, they matter to our lives…

    Good Job Nisarg!!!

    Will always be thankful to u for making such a world known to me, which was partially known to me…

  6. great work…. never thought i will be rendered speechless.

    Great thoughts …. sure makes you think about life beyond usual…

  7. જિંદગી ને ભિન્ન રીતે અનુભવવાનો અને વર્ણવવાનો એક સુંદર પ્રયાસ !!

    Wish you all the best !!

    ~ નિકુલ

  8. NJ…

    I could have posted my comments earlier but missed due to other so called “Busy” work.

    Thanks for sharing Daily Dozen words with us. You are really fun lover fellow and inspiring all of us to NJoy each and every moment of the life.

  9. Great Endeavour….NJ.
    You deserve KUDOS because we are very good at taking initiative but what we usually lack is to prolong that initiative in sucha way that it becomes habit!! You have made it a habit .
    Dialogue from movie “Forrest Gump”:
    “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are gonna get outta it!! ”
    – Nishant Desai.

  10. lemme join the team. i’ve got a few mantras from my experiences in this job…..

  11. Hats Off To You!

  12. Wonderful thoughts giving………… keep motivating individual one on each single small action………. and can make u think that how much important it is………..thnx for providing such a expored thinking ……….keep moving ahead…………

  13. Excellent.. NJ….This is what, everyone need in their life as a food for their soul… I think you have done a great job that at least fulfilled my thrust….Thank and Keep it up

  14. Hi,
    This Golden thoughts is always helping me during gloomy days..!!
    Many of my friends are impressed with ur work or commitment or efforts…!!

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