Learning Initiative

LifeMantras Learnings (LML) – Enterprise you to govern your learnings

Being Indians , we do not see any necessity to paint sheer facts about educational scenario in country.

Idea is simple,

Pour in your ideas, energy, knowledge, skills, time and fund for YOU!

Yes ! For YOU !

We believe in simplest quote : “While we teach, we learn.” And so as you put your efforts in LML, you are not only helping someone to uplift its life but also adding values in your own life.

Please write your comments, suggestions, ideas, thoughts on this page or in e-mail to: NJ & RJ:

nisargjoshi@gmail.com and robinjani@gmail.com



  1. […] Check this: https://lifemantras.wordpress.com/learning-initiative/ […]

  2. My mantra is I do not make any one or any thing as responsible for my happiness or unhappiness.

  3. I being late here…. want to depicts some of the fascinating things… Life Mantra -> Mantra for Life or I can say Lighthouse to the wandering soul of us.

    Its really good initiative by the team who have seen within. I must say this is excellency comes here if followed……

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