Posted by: ruchitaagrawal | May 14, 2008


This Life Mantra is in sync with an earlier one which stated “Intellect without character reflects deceptive and untrustworthy personality”. Often we have seen people who are high on Intelligence Quotient and talent which help them achieve success in a short span of time. But after acquiring success they tumble down due to certain factors like –

1) Success goes into their head.
2) They were parvenus who were unable to digest sudden riches.
3) They start resting on their past laurels.

These all depicts a low character borne by a person which ultimately results in to his downfall. One known example for this could be – many cricketers who come from lower-middle class or middle class families hit few good strokes; their performance is blown out of proportion (media hype) and then their performance goes down drastically because they get addicted to parties, alcohols, girls, fame and making more money through advertisements. In this they lose touch over practice and finally they tumble down and are immediately written off!!!

~ Ruchita Agrawal

Character series:



  1. Here’s a good definition of character for you: the inward motivation to do the right thing… regardless of the circumstances… and regardless of the costs…

    Or this often used one, with my own twist: character is who you are when no one is looking… and you don’t think you will get caught.

    I’ve just set up a character networking blog for Police Dynamics and Character First! It’s going to be a great site for character in the workplace and law enforcement. Check it out…

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