Posted by: Nisarg | August 13, 2008


“India was the mother of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages. She was the mother of our philosophy, mother through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics, mother through Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity, mother through village communities of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.”
~ Will Durant

“India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border!”
~ Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA

“She (India) has left indelible imprints on one fourth of the human race in the course of a long succession of centuries. She has the right to reclaim … her place amongst the great nations summarizing and symbolizing the spirit of humanity. From Persia to the Chinese sea, from the icy regions of Siberia to Islands of Java and Borneo, India has propagated her beliefs, her tales, and her civilization!”

~ Sylvia Levi



  1. Awww… I like to say to myself once in a while that I am proud to be an Indian 🙂

  2. Indian technology is growing. The Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) industry in the country is set to achieve $55 billion in revenues by 2020. Indian companies are becoming outsourced providers of critical R&D in sophisticated areas like semiconductor design, aerospace, automotive, network equipment and medical devices. Both the Palm Pre smart phone and the Amazon Kindle, two of the hottest consumer electronics devices on the market, have key components designed in India. Intel designed its six-core Xeon processor in India. Major automobile companies have already established their shops and R&D centres here. Even new customers, including Renault, Volkswagen and Harley Davidson, are seeking to outsource their complex design engineering projects to India.

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