Posted by: Nisarg | January 22, 2009

Be young

Being Young is all about living youthful pattern of life. If the mind holds the youthful pattern it will be faithfully copied in the body. If the mind holds the old age pattern, the old age conviction, it will be out-pictured in the body. It is very easy to find example of 30 years old living life like 80 years old but it is rare to find 80 years old living life like a 30 years old. It seems strange that although we all love life so dearly, cling to it with such desperate tenacity, we should sell it so cheaply, should deliberately throwaway so many precious years, by wrong living and bad thinking. The mental ideal determines what shall be built into the life, whether it shall be youthful or aging conditions Perfect health, vigor, and robustness are impossible to one whose mind is a slave to the conviction that he is on the decline, that he is going downhill physically, that his powers are gradually lessening through age.

“If at thirty or thirty-five you expect to become an old man or woman,” said Prentice Mulford, “at forty you surely will be one; because the mind makes the material correspondence of whatever it sets itself permanently upon.

If you look forward to such decay of the body as a thing that must come, it will. People who keep young in their minds show it in the condition of their bodies. 75% of youth look old at 35, and denies to do any physical work like playing football or doing home work, because they have always regarded it as an inevitable necessity that they must be on the downhill side of life at that age.”

Be festive forever. Be eternally young. It’s all about being mentally young and I hope none of us who is reading upto end lacks mental toughness and live same mental and physical age.


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